Bright Horizons leadership: CEO David Lissy and President Mary Ann Tocio

Bright Horizons Management Team

Linda Mason, Chairman and Founder

Linda Mason, chairman, co-founded Bright Horizons in 1986 with her husband, Roger Brown. She and Roger Brown also co-founded Horizons for Homeless Children, a nonprofit organization that provides child care and related services for homeless children and their mothers throughout New England.

David Lissy, Chief Executive Officer

David Lissy, chief executive officer, joined Bright Horizons in 1997 as the chief development officer and served in this capacity prior to becoming chief executive officer in January of 2002. He is responsible for leading the company's growth strategy, including its global expansion into Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. 

Mary Ann Tocio, President and Chief Operating Officer

Mary Ann Tocio, president and chief operating officer, is responsible for Bright Horizons' domestic and global operations. She also has overarching responsibility for human resources, construction and facility management, program development and education services, administration, and information technology.

Elizabeth Boland, Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Boland, chief financial officer, is responsible for the financial management of the company, including the implementation of financial policies and procedures and the development of a flexible infrastructure to support quality and growth.

Stephen Dreier, Chief Administrative Officer

Stephen Dreier has served as Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary of the Company since 1998. He joined Bright Horizons, Inc. as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 1988 and became its Secretary in November 1988 and Treasurer in September 1994. 

Danroy "Dan" T. Henry, Chief Human Resources Officer

Danroy "Dan" T. Henry, chief human resources officer, has a unique blend of operations and human resources leadership skills. His business career spans over twenty years with leading consumer products, retail and service companies. In addition to his human resources roles at Pepsi and Reebok International, his executive roles with Staples, Blinds To Go Superstores, and Fleet Boston Financial have encompassed human resources, call center, retail store operations and retail banking.

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“Bright Horizons is first and foremost about people. Our mission – to support employers, working families, and the communities in which we work and live – is made possible only by our culture that puts caring for others front and center in all the work that we do.”
- Bright Horizons, Dave Lissy, CEO