sandwich generation grandmother, mother, and daughters thankful for Bright Horizons back-up care

Back-Up Care for Children, Adults, and Seniors

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program® prevents employee absenteeism even when child care or adult/elder care arrangements fall through

Dependent-care breakdowns — for child care or adult/elder care — negatively impact productivity and drive employee absenteeism, costing employers roughly 6% of payroll per year in lost wages.* 

By contrast, users of Bright Horizons back-up care are able to get to work an average of 12 days annually that they would otherwise have missed.

Just getting to work isn’t enough. Employees are now required to perform at their best and be more productive than ever. 

Employees with access to the right child care or adult/elder care arrangements — both quality and availability — are engaged, less stressed, and able to perform at their best. In a survey, 94% of employees said that access to dependable back-up and emergency care allowed them to focus on the job and be more productive.

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage Program for ill and sick children dependents
Back-up care where and when your employees need it

Our Back-Up Care Advantage Program (BUCA) offers nationwide coverage for employees of organizations of all sizes. Contact Bright Horizons to learn about our global back-up care capabilities.

Back-Up Care Advantage Program for employees reduces the stress of caring for dependent parents and children
Fully customizable and flexible enough to fit the needs of a diverse or dispersed workforce
  • A dedicated account manager committed to understanding your business, your needs, and the ever-changing economy — whether your employees are geographically dispersed, work extended hours, or are hourly wage-earners, we can provide a program that fits
  • The largest national network of high-quality centers and carefully screened in-home care providers
  • In-home care for children and adults/elders of all ages
  • Center-based care for children — infants to age 13
  • Center-based care options for children with special needs, and in-home care options for family members of all ages with special needs 

Back-Up Care Advantage Program dependent care benefit for employees and children
Available for planned or emergency same-day care, whenever your employees need it

During school vacations or unexpected school closings, mild illnesses, sudden changes in adults’ or elders’ needs, or when regular plans for any age fall through, our in-home and center-based care is always available. 

And Crisis Care Assist, our one-of-a-kind program, supports business continuity planning for emergencies such as natural disasters and national health alerts.

Back-up dependent care is available for employee parents year-round
Simple to access, 24/7: Reserve care by phone or online

Request the back-up care you need and we do the rest. We make the arrangements so your employees are never distracted by the daunting task of searching for the right caregiver or center.

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"Every time somebody uses back-up care is a time an employee would otherwise not be at work. We see that as almost a 100% productivity gain.”
- Marco Diaz, Vice President, Benefits, Thomson Reuters