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Expert College Admissions and Financing Guidance

College Coach®: a unique employee benefit that alleviates stress and distraction for working parents concerned about their children’s college education.

Research shows that nearly half of all parents are not confident about their college financing, worried whether they'll save enough for their children’s college education.* When it comes to college planning, they’re also worried about whether their children will succeed in school. Add to that a surge of college applicants (nearly a million more than five years ago) vying for a stagnant number of spaces, and you’ve got a significant family and personal issue that fuels employees' stress and drains their time, energy, and productivity. 

College Coach experts answer high school seniors' questions about applying to college and financing college tuition
A winning formula

In 1999, College Coach pioneered the approach of making premium educational counseling available to employees as an employee benefit. Since then, clients across industries such as legal, medical, pharmaceutical, financial services, manufacturing, retail, high tech, and government have used College Coach and seen real results in employees who are less stressed, more productive, and increasingly loyal. 

More than a million employees have access to College Coach services today to help with a range of challenges related to their children’s college education. 

College Coach helps employees and families navigate college planning and financial aid processes
Key components:

1) A world-class team of insiders: former college admissions and financial aid officers from the nation’s top institutions

2) Comprehensive programming making a valuable benefit for employees who are parents of newborns through high school students

3) Multiple service delivery methods — including workplace events, webinars, on-demand resource library, and personalized one-on-one assistance — reach the most employees in the most cost-effective way

4) Turnkey benefit management, including communications, registration, and utilization reporting

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"This benefit shows me that my employer respects my contribution to the company. I am more focused at work because of access to this program."
- Employee, A Technology Company

* College Savings Foundation