professional development, continuing education, and tuition management programs

Tuition Assistance Management and Educational Advising

EdAssist® can help you increase the value of your workforce through smarter education management.

What’s the value of an educated workforce? When it comes to talent management, employee education assistance builds a more qualified workforce and increases productivity. Helping employees reach their educational goals serves both the individual and the organization.

EdAssist: smarter education and tuition assistance management software
Turn an employee benefit into a powerful strategic resource.

EdAssist maximizes your education initiatives, guiding programs, measuring impact, tracking costs, and providing direction to ensure that selected programs are in line with organizational goals and that every tuition dollar is well spent. 

Our comprehensive approach to tuition assistance program management ensures that both employee and organizational goals are met in the most cost-effective way possible, often with initiatives that produce savings beyond the cost of our services.

EdAssist tuition assistance and professional development programs
EdAssist provides:
  • Program administration to align employee and organizational goals, measure impact, and track costs
  • Educational advising guidance to keep courses of study in line with talent management initiatives
  • Network of 170+ colleges and universities offering benefits such as tuition reductions, waived fees, and specialized programs
  • Educational guidance about transfer and work-experience credits to expedite degree completion and minimize cost to employee and employer

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"In the past, we were just a reimbursement process, cutting checks and sending employees on their way. We weren’t offering any support to help them navigate the process and make decisions on planning their career or where to go to school. That’s where EdAssist brought in their expertise. The program also helps us to track ROI and other measures that we weren't tracking before, such as completion rates. EdAssist adds a critical piece to enhance our employee experience and help our dollars go further.”
- Nathan Hays, Benefits Manager, Sprint