The Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Child Care Centers

What's the value of an employer-sponsored child care center?

How Businesses Win by Offering Child Care Benefits to EmployeesNewly released research from Horizons Workforce Consulting® proves that employer-sponsored child care centers address top business imperatives.

Download the study brief to access compelling data highlights.

Access the brief overview of The Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Child Care - a study of more than 3,100 parents at nearly 200 organizations, all of whom had children at Bright Horizons® employer-sponsored child care centers - showing definitive benefits to employers.

See the data proving that child care:

  • Increases retention, including the decision – for both men and women – to return to work after having a child
  • Positively impacts employee well-being, decreases stress, and assists in meeting work & family responsibilities
  • Is important to employees who have children and to those who don’t

Learn why 93% of respondents agree that access to employer-sponsored child care makes their employer an "Employer of Choice."

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