Case Study: How Goldman Sachs Addressed Elder Care Demands, a Quiet Productivity Drain

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sandwich generation, working mom, family, child care, elder care

Family obligations on the Sandwich Generation, employees juggling responsibilities for children as well as aging parents, often increase just as the employee is approaching their career peak. There’s no doubt caregiving impacts work performance; 67 % of employees caring for aging parents report conflicts between work and caregiving¹. Forced to juggle schedules, employees say they miss work, are distracted, and even reduce hours or pass up promotions.

Learn how Goldman Sachs developed a program to relieve employee stress surrounding caring for aging parents while continuing to help the employee thrive in the organization.

Register for this webinar to hear Andrea Wicks Bowles of Bright Horizons and Laura Young of Goldman Sachs as they explore:

  1. Business implications of pressures on the sandwich generation
  2. How Goldman Sachs addressed this silent productivity and career drain 
  3. Strategies for recognizing and responding to strains related to employee elder caregiving responsibilities – and regaining workday productivity  

[1] Family Caregiver Alliance, 2013 National Policy Statement

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