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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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Back-Up Support for Employees Across Diverse Workforces

Not every employee in your organization has children, but most have responsibilities outside of work that can challenge their ability to focus and perform at their best. By providing resources for the range of challenges faced by working people at varying ages and life stages, Bright Horizons CareDirect not only responds to the needs of employees themselves, but also supports the critical issue of benefit equity across your organization. Employees can look to this solution for access to help with elder care, pet care, homework help, and other family and life responsibilities. It’s a key component of a comprehensive and competitive benefits plan, and a critical approach to helping employees successfully integrate work and life.

Providing Employees Direct Access to the Help They Need

A self-service portal to assistance that goes beyond back-up child care, CareDirect is a wide-reaching and essential part of comprehensive and competitive benefits programs. Employees gain access, free of charge, to an online platform providing a nationwide network of a wide – and growing – range of helpers. From tutors, to pet care help, to elder caregivers, CareDirect gives your employees the power to search for, select, and hire the people they need to help them meet their responsibilities. By recognizing personal responsibilities as part of the work/life equation – and offering a dependable strategic solution – employers lay the foundation for great performances, and set their people, and themselves, up for success.

Helping Employees Meet Child Care Needs With Exclusive Child Care Tuitions

Bright Horizons CareDirect offers more than just back-up support. Among the many benefits is preferred enrollment to a network of high-quality participating centers around the country; it also offers discounts on full-time enrollment. So parents in need of full-time child care can find help for that as well. The Bright Horizons network means quality as well as availability. All centers in the Bright Horizons CareDirect extended network meet strict standards, giving parents an affordable option that provides a solution as well as peace of mind.

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