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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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Employer-Sponsored Child Care … With Care That Parents Select and Arrange Themselves

Bright Horizons CareDirect puts employees in control of meeting their child care needs. By providing access to the largest nationwide online platform of caregivers, employers allow working parents the opportunity to select the caregivers who fit their needs. Employees can screen caregivers based on a variety of characteristics, even by availability, so they can meet unpredictable work schedules. Equally important, Bright Horizons CareDirect empowers parents to find child care they feel good about. More than just a search tool, the database offers proprietary matching technology and standard screening tools to assist with the selection process, and to help parents locate the right caregiver for their needs. With self-help resources at the ready, parents can find child care assistance not only for those workdays when they need extra help, but also for weekends and nights: occasions when having time to breathe benefits productivity off the job…as well as on.

Find Caregivers You Can Trust Any Time, Day or Night

For working parents, time is at a premium. And in a comprehensive program, self-serve options address those demands as well. Because Bright Horizons CareDirect is do-it-yourself, employees can look for child care – and negotiate payment – at their convenience. No need to search between meetings or at the office – the Bright Horizons CareDirect online platform is always open, allowing employees to search for, screen, and hire the best caregivers any time, day or night. The result is parents who can go to work and be able to focus.

CareDirect Meets Working Moms and Dads' Need for Back-Up Child Care and More

Summer, holidays, after school hours – there are myriad expected and unexpected events that can upend a child’s care and a working parent’s schedule. Without a back-up plan in place, these events can cause unscheduled absences to skyrocket and productivity to plummet. And absenteeism is an expensive problem; according to Circadian, the cost adds up to thousands of dollars per employee per year. Access to the CareDirect platform allows working moms and dads to find, select, and screen the caregivers who fit their families’ needs – whether they’re looking for ongoing child care, back-up support, or even homework help.

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