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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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Complete Elder Care Support with Bright Horizons CareDirect

Elder care is a growing concern in this country – to both working people and their employers. Gallup says that one in six employees is caring for an aging relative, a work/life challenge that affects businesses as well as individuals. When employees care for aging parents, they often don’t have room to think about anything else, costing employers substantially in absenteeism, productivity, compromised performances.

Senior Care Support to Meet a Range of Needs

Bright Horizons CareDirect is a unique, wide-reaching, and effective tool that enables employees to meet their adult and elder care needs on their own terms. Providing access to the nation’s largest online platform of senior caregivers, the self-select solution adds an extra layer of support to ensure employees can find the best elder care – even when chronic issues require a companion or adult caregiver on a regular or long-term schedule. Bright Horizons CareDirect puts finding help in the employees’ hands. Knowing they have tools at the ready, employees with adult and elder relatives avoid the “what if” worries that can negatively impact every aspect of life.

Adult Caregivers Employees Can Trust

With Bright Horizons CareDirect employees can log on any time, day or night, to search for care; to screen their own adult caregivers; and to arrange for care that both meets their loved ones' needs and that's available where and when it's required. Equally important, proprietary matching technology and standard background tools assist employees with the selection process, helping families to find senior caregivers they feel good about. And since cost is a personal matter, too – the self-pay feature means they can negotiate fees themselves.

Elder Care Available When – and Where – Employees Need it

Parents don’t always live next door – or even nearby. With a database that spans from coast to coast, Bright Horizons CareDirect allows employees to care for family members at home or across the country. So if a far-away parent needs help recovering from surgery, or an adult child across the country needs help recovering from a broken leg, employees don’t have to hop on a plane and miss work to ensure their loved ones receive the care they need. And whether the need is for occasional care or longer-term needs, Bright Horizons CareDirect delivers – freeing employees to provide top-notch care for their families and top-notch performances for their employers.

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