Making the Case for Employer-Sponsored Back-Up Care

What's the value of employer-sponsored back-up care?

back-up-care-whitepaperDependent-care breakdowns are a serious risk to business continuity. With child care already a challenge for much of the workforce, and elder care responsibilities on the upswing due to the aging population, smart organizations are moving toward a response strategy.

Download Back-Up Care at Work: The Winning Case for Employers and Employees.

This important white paper offers the latest data illustrating the changing face of the workforce and how growing employee responsibilities are creating domino effects for organizations. You will learn:

  • Why back-up care usage jumped 33% in one year alone
  • Why “Presenteeism” is a growing concern, costing potentially more than absenteeism
  • The hidden costs of child care and elder care breakdowns
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