CHRO Dan Henry: Strategies for Employee Well-Being

"To the extent that people feel more whole, they'll feel better and more ready to make contributions at home and at work."

The connection between stress levels and work productivity is an easy one to spot. The more stressed a person feels, the less likely it is that person can dedicate themselves to their profession. Being a caregiver results in a huge physical and emotional burden. An individual's well-being is assured not only when their needs are met, but when the needs of those they care for are also met.

Working people's abilities to contribute to their fullest at work are impacted by the stress, energy, and time required to address challenges like engaging excellent child care, meeting elder care needs, planning for a child's college education, and more.

By addressing the most stressful challenges your employees face outside of work, our comprehensive family of employer-sponsored work/life, education, and dependent-care solutions helps both employees and employers achieve their most pressing goals.

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