Engage and Retain Faculty With Dependent-Care Solutions

We asked and professors told us: to be at their best in the classroom, conducting research, advising students, they need support.

Watch to get the rest of their story.

Hear the facts about dependent-care solutions and how they’re solving the challenges faculty face at colleges and universities across the country.

Then download exclusive research to learn how dependent-care programs provide the critical support faculty need – and how without them, many important young professors are considering leaving the field of academia entirely:

  • The Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Dependent Care in Higher Education: data highlight of a national survey of faculty illustrating the positive impact of dependent-care programs at leading universities across the country.

  • Transforming Higher-Education Through Faculty Well-Being: white paper with compelling data about the challenges faced by today’s campus professionals and their impact on health, well-being, and performance.

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