Enhanced Employee Health, Well-Being, and Engagement through Dependent Care Supports

Study explores the intersection of dependent-care supports, employee engagement, and organizational success.

Increase Employee Productivity & Happiness through Work Life Child Care BenefitsIn a rapidly changing marketplace, three questions could have significant implications for employers.

  • Are employees with access to resources that help balance work and family responsibilities healthier?
  • Are they more engaged in their work?
  • Can employers see a positive return on such investments and realize a competitive edge?

Our groundbreaking study explored the intersection of dependent-care supports and employee health and well-being, employee engagement, and ultimately, an organization’s success.

In partnership with Dr. Jamie Ladge of Northeastern University, we, Horizons Workforce Consulting surveyed thousands of working adults across several industries nationwide.

We've measured the real value of investments in employee supports and the impacts of these supports on employers and employees.

Download the resulting white paper and two briefs illustrating the real ROI of workforce dependent-care and well-being supports.

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