Need a Secret Weapon to Win the War for Talent?

One Set of Benefits Can Boost Talent Recruitment, Retention, and More


Research from Horizons Workforce Consulting® shows how access to a range of dependent-care supports – child care, back-up care, elder care, and educational advising support – addresses employee stress, well-being, productivity, and engagement.

What’s more, employees with access to these benefits are more likely to stay with their employers:

  • 94% say that employer-sponsored back-up care would be an important consideration when making a decision about changing employers
  • With employer-sponsored child care, employees are 85% less likely to have seriously considered leaving their employer due to child care difficulties in the last six months compared to control group parents
  • 80% say College Coach® educational advising services make them more committed to their employers
Download these exclusive mini reports showing the strong benefits of providing your employees with elder care, child care, and educational advising, through Bright Horizons Care Advantage®.

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