Inside IBM's Winning People Strategy

How to attract and retain top talent at your organization


As the war for talent heats up, how can you attract and retain top talent and keep them engaged and productive? The answer is in your employer brand and employee experience.

IBM's people practices recently garnered them Working Mother's prestigious "Pinnacle Award" for being one of just two companies named to the Working Mother Top 100 each of the last 30 years. From employer-sponsored child care to helping moms ship breast milk home, IBM has long been on the forefront of progressive, effective people strategies.

Watch the webinar to get the inside story on IBM's HR programs and initiatives and learn:

  • How IBM customizes the employee experience for each cohort.
  • How HR leaders tend to key inflection points in the employee journey, such as starting a family.
  • How IBM is engendering a culture that supports the carefully crafted employee experience, and how they are coordinating and connecting HR with the various groups engaged in large-scale culture transformation.
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