WEBINAR: Back-Up Care at Work: The Insider's Perspective

Get perspectives on back-up care experience from the employee and the employer.


Find out what the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage Program® (BUCA) is, how it works, what it’s like to use it, and how this easy-to-use, thoroughly supported program is both a highly valued employee benefit and a top-performing, turnkey business solution.

Watch this webinar because:

  • You want to reduce absenteeism, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity
  • You've heard about the benefits of back-up care – but you're not sure what it is
  • You're an employer who currently offers a back-up program – maybe you've used it yourself – and you want to maximize its potential
  • You'll hear about back-up care from every angle – from the employee, the employer, and the dependent

Download the webinar slides.

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