WEBINAR: College Admissions & Financial Aid Updates: College Expert Roundtable

View our webinar to hear from our college experts.


New financial aid rules ... a revised Common Application ... added challenges to finding the money families need to pay for higher education.

For employees with young children through teenagers, or for employees trying to pay off their existing student loans, today's college application and finance process is more distracting and stressful than ever.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to understand how College Coach helps preserve productivity and improve employee well-being.

Hear from College Coach® experts, including a former Senior Admissions Officer at University of Pennsylvania and a former Senior Financial Aid Officer at MIT, about:

  • How the federal government's new definition of "family" will significantly change financial aid awards
  • What your employees need to know to negotiate financial relief via thousands of dollars of additional financial aid 
  • The new Common Application and how it will affect applications this year 
  • Answers to questions submitted live during the event

Download the webinar slides.

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