WEBINAR: The Changing Education Landscape and Its Impact on Employees

Learn how to maximize your company's tuition assistance program.


The demand for college-educated workers is rising, and yet 60% of adults over the age of 27 lack an Associates degree or higher. With adult learners now comprising the largest segment of the student population, colleges are aggressively competing for these highly motivated students, and the higher ed landscape is rapidly changing.

How can you help your workforce navigate the increasingly confusing, crowded, and overwhelming education marketplace?

Hear Mark Ward, Vice President and General Manager of EdAssist, and Jay Titus, EdAssist's Director of Academic and Student Support, share how rapid changes in the world of higher ed are already affecting your organization…and what you can do to leverage these changes. Including:

  • Current trends in higher education impacting your workforce
  • How you can leverage these trends to help solve skills gaps
  • Strategies to maximize your tuition assistance program's ROI
  • Educate your workforce and positively impact your bottom line.

Download the webinar slides.

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