WEBINAR: Tuition Assistance: Top 10 Best Practices to Maximize HR Investment

Learn how to maximize corporate tuition assistance programs in our Bersin by Deloitte Study.


Top companies are discovering how to effectively build valuable internal employee talent pools by transforming their tuition assistance programs from an entitlement into a strategic talent management tool. Find out how they're able to meet their organization's growing talent needs without ramping up their costly talent sourcing and recruitment efforts.

View the webinar to hear from Dr. Brenda Kowske, Bersin by Deloitte's HR Practice Area Lead Analyst and Mark Ward, EdAssist's Vice President & General Manager as they discuss key findings from corporations successfully implementing strategies to maximize their tuition assistance programs. Then, download the executive summary.

You'll learn how to:

  • Change tuition assistance from an employee benefit into strategic HR resource
  • Understand the benefits of tuition assistance for both organizations and employees
  • Align tuition assistance with your organization's talent strategy
  • Leverage tuition assistance in support of L&D objectives
  • Centralize your program across the organization for maximum efficiency

Download the slides.

Download the full report.

Download the report brief.

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